What is Juntos Serimos?

Juntos Servimos supports the Casa Bugambilia community center in Matamoros, Mexico. Casa Bugambilia helps poor families transform their community through good health, education and shelter by providing:

  • Free, quality healthcare to any community resident with a need for it.
  • Shelter and medical care for the ill and abandoned, to give them medical treatment with dignity and reunification with their family and home community when possible.
  • Home construction and improvement, particularly for those who are chronically ill or physically disabled, to provide a healthy environment for healing, study and living.
  • Learning readiness classes for preschool children, and individualized tutoring for elementary school students, as well as financial assistance to secondary school and university students, to provide children of the colonias the surest path to escape poverty.
  • Shelter and medical care for children with special needs who have been abandoned by their families or whose families lack the physical, emotional or financial resources to care for them.

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Juntos Servimos Donations

When you contribute financially to Juntos Servimos, you are serving
alongside us in the colonias.

  • You are caring for men and women who are ill and abandoned.
  • You are caring for those presently untreated for diabetes.
  • You are educating children.
  • You are providing opportunity. You are transforming the colonias.