When a child isn’t educated, it is opportunity lost before life’s journey even begins. Comprehensive education is the surest way to rise above the crushing effects of poverty. Yet many children in the colonias struggle through elementary school and never even consider secondary school.

Living and family conditions often make study difficult. There are not enough resources in the schools or families to give each child the individual attention they need to reach their potential. But many of the difficulties students experience disappear when the educational experience is adapted to their level and pace of learning. Students achieve when they have teachers who are responsive to their learning needs.

Through its education programs, Casa Bugambilia strives to enhance public education by fully supporting each child as that child needs to be supported.






Our Education Mission

Preparing preschool children with basic language and math skills so they enter first grade fully ready to learn. Providing daily tutoring at a dedicated classroom facility to assure each school age child achieves at the highest of level of which they are capable. Giving parents the skills and support they need so that they can support their child. Assisting children apply for secondary school and college and helping them with the resources necessary to attend and succeed in their studies.

Secondary Education

Attending secondary school can be daunting for colonia children. They must apply to be accepted and take a qualifying test. Beyond elementary school, tuition is charged even in the public schools. In addition to tuition, students must provide their own books and uniforms. Getting to a quality school may be difficult, requiring several bus transfers across the city. Casa Bugambilia provides financial assistance to deserving students who would not otherwise be able to attend secondary school. Casa Bugambilia hopes to provide supervised access to computers and the internet, as well as a peaceful environment, to help students develop computer use and research skills to increase their academic achievement.

Las Estrellitas – Preschool Learning Readiness Preparation

According to teachers at the local public elementary school, most children from the colonias are already behind on their very first day of school. To prepare children to learn at the first grade level from day one, Casa Bugambilia sponsors “Las Estrellitas” – The Little Stars. Las Estrellitas creates a community of learning among the children, their families and the Casa Bugambilia community. Under the guidance of a qualified teacher, children are taught and tested on basic skills in the areas of reading, writing and arithmetic. Parents are encouraged to become active participants in the lessons. To celebrate their hard work and effort, Casa Bugambilia hosts a dinner for the students and their parents at the conclusion of the one year program.

Las Escuelita – Differential Tutoring

Even though the teachers and parents of children attending the local public elementary school recognize that a student is in danger of falling behind, often there are no resources available at the school or in the family to do anything about it. If a child has fallen too far behind, or has learning difficulties, he or she might be labeled “unteachable” and asked not to return to the public school. Since 2006, Casa Bugambilia has sponsored tutoring to complement the local elementary school curriculum and support elementary school students in all aspects of their learning. Over time, the tutoring has evolved from remedial drills to an individualized course of study for each child depending on where that child’s skill level.