Our Community

Casa Bugambilia is a community that transcends borders. It includes the ill and abandoned men and women who are sheltered at the albergue (medical refuge) and the team of doctors and caregivers who care for them. It includes the teachers who lead the Casa Bugambilia education programs, the students and their families. And it includes volunteers and supporters from all over the United States and Mexico who support the work at Casa Bugambilia with their efforts, time and financial support and without whom it would not be possible.

Dr. Nancy Rodriguez – Medical Director

Dr. Nancy guides all of the activities at Casa Bugambilia. She is a licensed medical doctor with over 20 years of practice experience in the Matamoros area. Since 1997, she has focused her practice in the colonias, founding Casa Bugambilia in 2003 as a permanent place of healing in the colonias. Her realization that true healing requires that each person be ministered to individually and completely – both physically and spiritually – inspires all of the efforts of Casa Bugambilia.



Larry Cox – Mission Director

Larry, a permanent volunteer, has dedicated himself since 2000 to responding in a caring manner to the suffering of colonia residents. In addition to coordinating volunteer mission groups visiting Casa Bugambilia, he works closely with Dr. Nancy and community leaders in the colonias and Matamoros to address issues of health, food and shelter. Everyday he listens and responds to the petitions of colonia residents to find out where there are needs and the best way to respond.

Ellen Curnes – Executive Director

Ellen Curnes serves as the Executive Director of Juntos Servimos. She has been involved with Juntos Servimos since its formation in 2004 and served on its Board of Directors from 2005 until her appointment as Executive Director in April 2009. Ellen works out of Dallas, Texas and coordinates the many administrative activities necessary to allow the Casa Bugambilia community to more effectively serve the residents of the colonias.