Welcome to Juntos Servimos

Welcome to Juntos Servimos
March 3, 2015 Richard Taveria

“We seek to create a radical improvement in the lives of the families who respond to our offer of
health and education.” ~ Dr. Nancy Rodriguez, Founder of Casa Bugambilia


Lured by the prospect of jobs resulting from the NAFTA treaty, many people left rural villages in the interior of Mexico seeking a better life along the northern border with the United States. Jobs were few and affordable housing was scarce. On the southeastern outskirts of Matamoros, no one wanted or cared about the old city landfills. So it was here many hundreds of these individuals cleared the trash and built houses from whatever material they could find. They called their colonia Derechos Humanos, which means “Human Rights”. Today in Derechos Humanos and other surrounding colonias, with a population exceeding 25,000, poverty remains a daily catastrophe. Access to electricity, sewers, clean water and nutritious food is unreliable, and beyond the reach of many. One or two room plywood houses rot in the tropical climate. The stench from untreated waste in a nearby industrial canal fills the air. The government built a school, but its resources are strained and the education is poor.

Still, where there was once trash, there is now a community. It is here that Casa Bugambilia, supported by Juntos Servimos, stands. Casa Bugambilia is a community of volunteers dedicated to helping the residents of the colonias transform their community. It is a place of physical, emotional and spiritual healing. The ill and abandoned are given care and a safe place to rest. Children are educated. The hungry are fed. Medicine is prescribed. Wounds are cleansed. Those who have no one else are cared for. We are dedicated to the well being and transformation of each person we touch, and in this way, to the community where they live.